thankful thursday

28 February 2013

today I'm thankful for...

... truth encounters.

... God speaks. He does. Whether you believe it or not.

... my amazing small group. they are seriously the most incredibly awesome people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  and we're all going to be together (no one leaving!) for at least another year! that's a super long time in ship-life....

... a job that I love working for people I highly respect, who respect me in return, want the best for me, encourage me, empower me to stretch myself and offer grace when needed.

... nap time chats with Dianna.

... my incredible roommates Laura and Michelle.  the peace that fills our cabin. the blessed conversations, tears, rest, laughter, truth encounters, prayers, joy, and shoulder massages that happen there.

... crew clinic and pharmacy.  in and out quickly.  the doctors that are trying to figure out why i have another ear infection... thankful for those doctors and lab techs and pharmacists that all work together to help me get better

... being able to bless others in very different ways.

... "I have no insecurity,because I see myself the way God sees me"... (audacious faith confession, Sun Stands Still by steven furtick)

... sauteed zucchini and parmesan cheese for dinner.

... my suki might be coming here!!!!!!!!!

... ships babies. how we get any work done around here is beyond me....

... toblerone. and Michelle for stopping by my office with some.  yummy.

... letters from my mom, every week. bless her.

... Chris Tomlin's new CD, Burning Lights... it's brilliant, y'all. seriously. and i listen to it at least twice a day, if not more.... especially Sovereign and Whom shall I fear (God of Angel Armies)

... Stefan calling me at work just to check in on how I'm doing, and to tell me not to be stressed.

... the beautiful kiddos I got to love on last weekend.

... that I have no reason to ever be stressed, it's under control.

... dark chocolate covered pretzels from trader joes. 

... Hannah, for sending me dark chocolate covered pretzels from trader joes, among other things.

... all the encouraging words and love from friends and family about the 60 minutes piece, blog posts, my work here, etc. 

... luden's cough drops. because who doesn't love candy disguised as medicine?

... that I get to be here, doing this crazy thing, that I love it, that I have supporters who believe in me, that I have donors that give selflessly, that Mercy Ships exists, that i get to see lives changed and be a part of that every single day.  it's beyond words, really.


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