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15 February 2013

Good Morning.

Yes, it's been awhile since I've updated. And I don't really have time this morning - but I promise - this weekend, this is what my to-do list looks like:

1. Blog
2. Newsletter (if you want to receive it, make sure to opt-in in the right column on this blog...)
3. Taxes (which is not to say I'm doing my taxes. I'm organizing my tax mess and sending it all to my accountant. Thank God for accountants.)

BUT, I wanted to get this out - WATCH 60 MINUTES ON SUNDAY!  They came to the Africa Mercy last spring and filmed hundreds of hours with us, and we've been waiting since then to find out when it will be aired. We haven't seen it, no one has, but we are expecting a positive overview of the mission and work we do here.  Please watch, spread the news and let me know what you think! (We won't be able to see it here for another couple of weeks....)

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