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21 February 2013

Proudly still 'flogging this baby'.... :)

Here are some photos that were put up on 60 Minutes Facebook wall, taken in Togo.  We also got another post from them with the link to Don Stephens (founder) speaking about faith and Mercy Ships... We are not here to promote religion. We're here because we follow Jesus. Jesus healed the sick and brought sight to the blind... and so do we!  It's incredible.  Watch that segment here:

A closer shot of people waiting for a dental screening provided by Mercy Ships.

A woman holds her baby, who will soon undergo life-saving surgery.

Dr. Gary Parker and Dr. Bill Reus in the OR on the Africa Mercy. (CBS actually misidentified them in the photo on Facebook)

Mothers sit with their infants at Mercy Ships’ HOPE Center in Togo. Here, the babies are in a special feeding program to get them to a healthy weight so they can undergo surgery to repair cleft palates.

Hundreds of patients line up for Mercy Ships’ dental screening, starting at 5 a.m.

The photos in this album were taken by 60 Minutes associate producer Rachael Kun Morehouse in Togo, West Africa. Watch Scott Pelley’s “Africa Mercy” report from the 02.17.13 broadcast of 60 Minutes here:

At the intersection of compassion and courage...(I love that!)  Krissy

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