03 February 2013

Today I'm thankful for...

...a crew clinic where I can be in and out within minutes, for free, and get antibiotics right across the hallway.

...friends that linger over coffee.

...the Texas container arrived!  I didn't have any personal packages on it, but it had Dr. Pepper and Kleenex, both of which have been absent on the ship as of late... which is especially unfortunate as I've been fighting a very snotty cold.

...chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. And the lovely friend who made it and invited me over :)

..."Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" ~Dr. Seuss

...the ship parked (docked? berthed?) next to us is called Top Wing.  I said it reminded me of Top Gun; Dianna said it reminded her of a chinese restaurant. hahahaha. 

...this 'anonymous' lovely gift on Friday, after I had a not-so-great Thursday. How can it be a bad day with a gift like this and friends like that??  Yes, that's Cherry Coke.  Love.
..."May God continue to blow our minds with the more than we can ask or imagine..." a prayer blessing from a friend, based on Ephesians 3:20
... got my toenails painted a brilliant bright orange.
...waffle fridays
... got to see a living, breathing, walking miracle on Monday. Aboubacar has been a patient with us for many months, and came perilously close to losing him several times.  He was discharged this week.  Incredible.
...that on Friday I set my alarm incorrectly and actually overslept and ended up about twenty minutes late for work... that's the first time it's ever happened, I'm usually at least fifteen minutes early to work.  But anyway, instead of people being angry, everyone I told said things like "wow, you must really have needed sleep! Good for you!". 
...chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese.

...Golden Grahams at the supermarket I went to yesterday.  Approximately $5 for this box.  Totally worth it.  Strong and dark (theraputic and necessary to sustain life) or light and fluffy (flavored, milky, and recreational). French language abilities and that I get to use that to bless others.
...finding out that the Congo has really nice, clean, safe beaches.  Oh, I look forward to that!
...getting my summer time off approved and actually looking at tickets! USA, here I come!  And, it looks like it will also include an overnight in Amsterdam on the way out and an overnight in Madrid on the way back. Cheers for adventures!!, peace, quiet.
...the way clean laundry smells.
...a sunday that includes a run, leisurely breakfast, coffee date, lunch date, laundry time, sun time, pizza for dinner, evening worship service.... do we live in HEAVEN?  As a friend said earlier this week, "it's pretty close, I reckon."

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