Spare time?

10 October 2015

What do I do in my spare time?  Well, I don't have a lot of spare time.  I work alot (and love it) and am also a student. So that is most of my 'spare time' that isn't spent sleeping!  But at least three-ish hours a week I try to do two things that I absolutely love - 

Play frisbee and make coffee.  

Friday evenings, whenever I am not travelling and it isn't pouring down rain, you will find me here, on the field, getting dirty and sweaty and laughing and gasping for breath and encouraging and running and falling and bruising and bleeding... or some combination of all of those things. 

On Sunday mornings from 10-12 you will find me serving coffee to dear friends, new friends, strangers that will become friends, and anyone else who wanders through.  If you really want to enjoy the experience, pull up a stool at the bar and let's talk about life.  We laugh alot, we go beyond surface conversation, it is a beautiful experience of community that I look forward to every single week.  It's funny the number of people in the states that asked me this summer, "what is this coffee thing you do every sunday? I see it on facebook!"  It's amazing friends, come and take part.

And then I thought I would throw in this photo taken from the gangway the other night.  Stunning.

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