Kassa Island Trip

02 March 2013

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of going away to Kassa Island for a weekend with some very dear friends. It was a lovely time, relaxing, rich with conversation and quiet, blessings and peace. The food was excellent and the atmosphere, well, divine. :) Here are some photos...

Someone asked me about the bee on my backpack - this little guy came from a McDonalds Happy Meal I got in Romania in 2008. I thought it was a cheap toy that would fall off in a matter of hours or days, and now five years, and thousands of miles across three continents, the little guy is still hanging on.

We got picked up in a boat owned by the hotel we stayed at. 

The hotel dog that made friends with us very quickly.

Sunset on the first night.

Missy and Rachel, and the dog, going for a hike the 2nd day. They thought it would be an hour or two, they ended up getting back like seven hours later.

Sunset the 2nd night.

These little crabs were everywhere at night, and in the morning the hotel owners had to pull a few up out of the pool that they had crawled/fallen into in the night.

Evening rations.  Bug spray, wine, and chocolate. The conversations we had at mealtime were so rich and beautiful, I think it was my favorite part of the weekend.
Breakfast of champions. The restaurant people were lovely, as we took two hours for breakfast then asked for more coffee and bread (2nd breakfast anyone?)
It was a lovely weekend, with lovely friends, in a lovely place. I LOVE my ship community but it was nice to get away for a bit, too. :) Krissy

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