17 March 2013

Today I'm thankful for...

... Mail call!  And my mom, who writes to me every single week. And the fact that I can get mail here.  And that I usually get two or three letters at a time.

... Sour cream with dinner.

... being able to bless people in ways that are little to me but big to them. 

... how wonderful it will be when there is soy milk in the dining room again.  I'm thankful we haven't had it for over a month now because it will be that much more awesome when we have it again.  And I'm thankful that I can be thankful about that.

... Cherry coke from heaven/Shelly.

... "You make known to me the paths of life, in your presence there is fullness of joy." Psalm 16:11


... incredible sunsets

... The British Embassy pool and my lovely British friends inviting me along.

...My roommates Laura and Michele - the most incredible roommates ever. So so so so so thankful for them.

... being able to speak French. And the joy that it brings to my heart to speak French.

... Josie's cinnamon rolls.

...That I see random things like this little green boat out the window on a regular basis.  Nice view.
... Nap time coffee with Dianna.
... A friend's baby, though delivered two and a half months early, is doing well! cheers!!!
... Running.
... my ipod touch - a goodbye gift from my coworkers at the walt disney company... still love it, still very thankful for it.

... My amazing friend Kirstie who brought me a coffee mug and dark chocolate Toblerone from England.   Coffee and chocolate.  What could be better??

... A really fun time with the mums and my small group yesterday and an ice breaker that went really well with very little groaning or complaining. :)

... the gift I've been given with words...and God redeeming that within me...and God using them to bless others... and the power that words have...

... speaking truth and life

... how comfortable I am driving a huge land rover. A small car in the States will feel very flimsy, methinks...

... SUKI is coming!!!  (Please consider donating - HERE)

... scary medical tests for a friend came back normal.  (WAHOOO!)

... that the container is over a month late... because I will love and appreciate and be so very much more grateful for the triscuit crackers and dark chocolate that are on it once it finally gets here.

... coffee with Diana who was visiting the ship for a couple of weeks.

... the beautiful words and conversations that have come out of some of my more recent blog posts. Thank you, my friends. I am so grateful for you.

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