23 March 2013

You know those nametags we love to hate, that say ‘Hello my name is” and then a big white space?  For some reason, I’ve been thinking of those lately.

Of course we carry the name that our parents give us.  That’s my first identity – Krissy.  (Kristin actually… but no one calls me that)

But there’s more to it than just my given name.  The question that has been rolling around in my head the last couple days is what is your name, but more in a sense of who are you, today?  And then, beyond just knowing that in my heart, what if that was on my nametag for all to see? Am I living that out?  When someone new comes in to my office to ask a question, what is the impression they get?  As I interact with coworkers or crew or patients, what’s the lingering sense they have of me when I leave? Which pieces of my personality are showing the brightest?  And does what I am projecting actually match up to my name? 

I imagine each one of us wearing one of those nametags all day, every day.  What is written on yours?

Hello my name is… Snarky? Irritated? Overworked? Stressed? Cranky?  Exhausted? Angry?


Hello my name is… Joy.  Chosen.  Treasure.  Loved.   Grace.  Peace.

Every day is a new opportunity to choose what I will wear that day… what it says on my nametag.  What I feel is not a reflection of who I am.   So even if I feel irritated or snarky or stressed or angry… that is not who I am.  My nametag says joy and I will live, breathe, and share in joy. 

What does yours say today?

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