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12 March 2013


For those of you who don't know her, Christina is my 'little sister' who also goes by Suki... She's coming here!!  Christina applied last year but there weren't any spots open for her; just a week ago she was informed a spot had opened up!  As long as she gets the support she needs, I'll be hugging this lovely girl's neck on April 4th!  So she needs to raise about $4k in like a week or something crazy.  Would you please consider supporting her? It would be such a giant, amazingly wonderful blessing for her to come here, so if you want to bless ME, please donate to HER :)

(I'm so very excited... YAYAY!!)

click here to donate to Christina or read more of her story....

In other news, thank you to everyone who has been praying for calm in Guinea.  In case you weren't aware, there's been heightened political tensions here as of late, and at one point last week, it became more ethnic than political... (which makes me sick, actually...).  Thankfully things seem to have calmed down out there and the powers that be have slowly lifted restrictions on travel and movements in the city.  I'm so grateful to work for this organization, I've never once felt in any danger, and they're very cautious with us.  The biggest problem we faced was our patients and day workers unable to make it here, but it seems as though things are getting back to normal.

Life on the ship is going well.  Thanks for all the kind words about my last few posts, yes they've been a bit heavier, but hey... life is heavy sometimes.  But I am so grateful for this place, the people here, my work and experiences and ups and downs... thank YOU for being a part of it!!

Right now we're pushing our way through these last few months of the field service.  This is plastic surgery season on the ship, and hot season outside!  In just two and a half months we'll be all packed up and sailing!  Preparations for the Congo field service are going well, and where we're headed after the Congo is still unknown.... (I'm hoping for Cameroon but we'll see what actually happens!)

Please drop me an email and let me know how YOU are doing!  All the best and much love to all - krissy

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