Happy Easter!

31 March 2013

This Easter weekend was a long weekend for us; I was very much looking forward to it!  Here was my plan: Sleep in, do my laundry, write, clean my space, write some more... I have quite a few things in me that need to get written, along with blog updates, a newsletter, emails about summer plans, etc.  I thought wow, this is going to be a great, productive weekend!  After all, the the last week was crazy with this new job thing, and then this week I'd been feeling a little sluggish and not really myself....

So that was the plan.... and then the reality?


Those evil little demon parasites lurking in my blood decided to make a grand entrance and knock me right off my feet and every productive thought for the weekend went out the window.

As I mentioned I had been feeling less than stellar this week, had a persistent headache, muscle aches, and tiredness I had simply chalked up to a busy schedule and a good run.  But by Friday morning it was clear I was not well and my lovely nurse friends Rachel and Laura hauled me down to the hospital.  I'm so glad I live in a hospital. 

Since then I've been sleeping. Literally, the first day I couldn't stay awake longer than about fifteen minutes; yesterday, about an hour... today I am going to try to make it to two.  I'm so grateful for amazingly awesome friends who are also nurses who came to my bedside to draw blood and woke me every two hours for meds and fluids; because the only thing worse than being sick is being sick alone. 

I'm definitely on the mend, the headache has receeded to a tolerable level and I was able to eat some food today without issues. I think it'll be a sluggish week but very much looking forward to being able to leave my cave cabin and be a part of things again.  I did make it to the Easter service this morning, which was really lovely, then barely made it back to my cabin to crash for another three and a half hours. 

So anyway, that's why you haven't heard much from me... Happy Easter to my friends and family across the globe! Krissy

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  1. So sorry to hear you've been fighting malaria, Krissy. Hoping you are back to full speed ahead!!


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