09 December 2012

A few months ago I heard a speaker say something that has stuck with me, and I think of often – he said, “What if God gave you today only what you thanked Him for yesterday?” – Wow. What WAS I thankful for yesterday? Or did I just cruise through my day, only really noticing the things that were irritating or not working as opposed to the abundance of good things, words spoken, hugs shared, or moments longing to be cherished?  What if I woke up tomorrow only with the things I was truly thankful for today? I might wake up to an empty parking spot or a pretty sunset or something equally as inconsequential to the larger story… but not much else.

A friend of mine (someone I’m very thankful for) writes a lovely blog that is mostly lists of things she’s thankful for at any given time.  She says some days it’s easier to come up with a thankful list than others, but ultimately, it’s a beautiful reflection of her heart of thankfulness and has got me thinking about how blessed I really am.  And I encourage you to consider the question of what are you truly thankful for today? Big or small, I challenge you to appreciate what you’ve been blessed with.  
I’m thankful for… (This is by no means an exhaustive list, that would take me… forever.  This is just what I can think of right now… expect more of these types of posts in the future!)

… My lovely friend Dianna who writes the above-mentioned blog, and also runs with me in the mornings, is such an encourager, with a sweet heart for others.

 …A body that can run, that is strong and healthy, and that I can continue to strengthen and pursue excellence in running, even in Africa.
 …The incredible women and men who have invested their time and energy and love and wisdom into my life. You know who you are. Thank you. I am eternally grateful.
 … The fact that in the last two months I’ve been hospitalized, treated for heat exhaustion/dehydration and a severe ear infection, had a dental checkup and cleaning, and xrays all for free.  Awesome. 
… Washing machines.  No matter how finicky they can be, or even if they don’t get your clothes super clean, I promise they are better than hauling your (dirty, muddy, amoeba and parasite infested) water from a well to scrub your clothes by hand.  
… Coffee. Dark and strong. And chocolate. Ditto. 
… The ability to print, in color, most of the time.  I am currently frustrated at the printer that won’t print and want to remember that they do usually print and I should be thankful for that. 
… My donors – it’s because of you I can follow my dreams and heart to Africa and serve on this crazy big white ship that’s a hospital and a small international city all in one. Thank you, from my whole heart! (not just the bottom J)
…Blog readers who stick with me through long and boring posts, or long breaks between posts. Especially those who comment on my blog or send me an email afterwards with encouragement or comments or even disagreements.  I love that stuff, so keep it coming.  

…The journey. 
… Salmon for dinner tonight.  Yum-o! 
… Friends who I can sit with for hours without saying a word but enjoying their company.
… Christmas decorations around the ship that make it feel a bit more festive, even if it is 90 degrees and sweaty outside. 
… Josh Groban singing “Little Drummer Boy” – it’s straight from heaven, y’all.  
... Stunning photos like this one from Suzanne - so grateful for this place and these people. Also grateful for the lifeboats we've never had to use!!
Lifeboat 2 was my lifeboat on the sail from Sierra Leone to Ghana. Not sure where I'll be assigned for the next sail!
Until next time - Krissy

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