Thankful Sunday (With pictures!)

23 December 2012

 I am so thankful for so many things, and I love blogging my thankful lists (Thanks again, Dianna!) as it causes me to recognize those things even more that I am thankful for!  And even, if I have my camera, to snap a picture!! 
So today, I'm thankful for...
...The dining room having soy milk again. We have it about two to three weeks and then they run out and we have to wait for the next container to arrive, which is usually a couple of weeks without soy milk. I miss it when we don't have it, but it makes me very much appreciate it when we do!
...The coolness of this season (The Harmattan) - instead of 95 and humid it's a much more tolerable 89 and somewhat less humid.

...A job that I love and look forward to going to work. 
...My mom sends me letters every single week.  (and she has since I joined the Peace Corps in 2009, with a brief hiatus while I was living in the states).  She writes me a letter on Sunday and mails it on Monday. Thanks to customs holding our mail here, I tend to get two or three at a time. I love it. There's nothing earth shattering or particularly enthralling in the letters, just an update on life... and I absolutely love it, and look forward to it. Thanks, Mom.  (If you want to make my thankful list, anyone else, feel free to send mail. :))
...our Deck and Engineering departments who have been working overtime in the last few days to get our fresh water issues under control and get us out of water restrictions.  Thanks so much you guys. You're my heros.
...Emma's joy when she got to lick the spoon during the Christmas cookie decorating time.  And her sweet little 3-year old voice, saying "may I please lick the spoon!"
...My amazing friend Catherine. I'm thankful for her for so many things, she just loves really well. But today I'm thankful for her craftiness.  She's a very talented artist and loves painting, and also making jewelry!  I brought her a bunch of beads from the states and the other day she made me some beautiful earrings!  I'm not much for jewelry, in fact I brought only one pair of simple silver hoop earrings with me and they were broken... Anyway, I don't think, in my adult life, I've ever had this many pairs of earrings at one time. :) Thanks, Catherine! 
...My donors. Thank you for partnering with me in this mission. I'm especially grateful for Microsoft Corporation matching employee donations!  I'm here because of your generosity, thank you.
... My dad, cousin, and Nana have all been in the hospital recently, but they are all doing better and are all at home for Christmas. I'm so thankful for that, even if I can't be there with them.
...My lovely friends Dianna and Gretchen, who run with me!  Even though I am slow :) Thanks, my friends. I'm so thankful for you.  And running.

 ... My ipod. I wouldn't have ever bought one but it was an awesome gift that I use every single day. Thanks to my coworkers from The Walt Disney Company who surprised me with this right before I left - I love it!

...Water restrictions lifted!!

...My pregnant twin sister sending me a picture of the baby bump.  It wasn't really real to me until I saw the picture - now I'm so excited to meet that baby next summer!!

...Natural peanut butter and all fruit jelly from the grand old US of A.  A gift from heaven that must be rationed.  Trader Joes peanut butter is also awesome, if anyone is interested in sending a TJ's care package... :)
...This movie, which I love, they showed last night on all the ships televisions.  Several of my friends had never seen it - a travesty!  I love love love this movie and I loved getting to share the joy with others.  It IS a wonderful life!!

Please, take a minute in the craziness and materialism of this holiday season, to be thankful for what you have.  We're all so blessed.  I'm missing home but oh so grateful for where I'm at and the calling that is on my life to serve here.  Much love, Krissy

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  1. Your on the list! Enjoy your time with Mercy Ships!


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