Thankful Sunday

30 December 2012

I realize this is my third Thankful Sunday in a row. I like it.  A lot.  :)

Today I'm thankful for...

...Imported oranges.  African oranges are green, tough, bitter, and hard to peel (most of the time).  For Christmas we got imported oranges (maybe from Florida?) that were huge, orange, and sweet. Bliss.

...No fire drill this week!

...Christmas eve AM workout class with Missy's dad serenading us on the piano! I wish all our workouts were so lovely.

...Singing Silent Night in 6 languages on Christmas Eve.

... Open cabins! A couple times a year people can sign up for open cabins and people drop in and chat for a bit, enjoy some goodies, and then move on to the next open cabin. Like a big block party or something.

...Sunsets on deck 8.

...The acid bugs are significantly diminished - if you don't know, acid bugs are these 1-cm little devils that burn your skin with acid. (hence the name...) and they were all over the place on deck 8 this fall. They've diminshed alot, perhaps thanks to dry season? I'm thankful they're gone, or nearly gone.

...Answered prayers, divinely orchestrated conversations, encouraging words, the blessing of friendships.

...A pool!  I seem to forget we have a (small) pool up on deck 8.  I've sat up there a few times recently, reading, and it was delightful!

...Surprise donations! (THANK YOU!)

...A fabulous run this morning with a lovely friend.  I'm also thankful that my good runs and running friends make my thankful list every week. I'm also so thankful I have found my rhythm of runs/workouts/rest here that seems to work for me, and I'm getting used to running in the heat.

...Emma's plastic tea set and having 'tea' at the edge of the pool yesterday, with rocks as ice cubes!  So sweet.

...Air conditioning.

...New running shoes!!  My shoes are in bad shape and I've started having some hip pain, and I was dreaming of new running shoes.  Then Erin offered to bring some back with her - hooray!  So next weekend I'll be able to have an even better run! :) So thankful for her, too!

...Mandarin oranges found at a street market.

...The email I received yesterday that said the container I thought would arrive at the end of January is set to arrive a few weeks earlier! (it's not early, I just assumed it was end of January but assumed wrong!) Yay!!  This container is bringing my last box of stuff I shipped from the IOC, including some clothes, books, and yummy snacks/food I am very excited about. Also some gifts for friends here!

...Leisurely coffee with new friends.


...All the photos of snow I've seen on Facebook and news websites, that I can enjoy looking at but don't have to drive in or scrape off my car.

...This picture. Excited for what this new year holds!


Much love to all - Krissy

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