Relax, and take a sip

19 December 2012

My lovely friend Maryke, (pronounced mah-ray-kah), has been a wonderful influence on me in many ways; The notable way for this post is she’s kindly pointed out how I tend to eat my meals quickly and then rush off. She’s encouraged me to relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and stay awhile.

It’s amazing how much this little thing has changed my days, attitude, and perceptions!! I have never been very good at just sitting around. I tend to need to have purpose or a good reason to be doing something. Intentional, planned coffee dates are completely different, I enter those with an agenda, or a list of things to talk about, or even just a reason to have it – catching up, storytelling, etc. But to just sit around together, with whoever is there, without a set reason or purpose except to simply enjoy each other’s company? Foreign. I got things to do and places to go, people! But reality is, while that might have been the case back in the States, it just isn’t the case here. Most of the time, I don’t have somewhere to be immediately, and I don’t have urgent tasks that warrant me running off. Life here on board is blessedly simple, convenient, and predictable. When I used to rush off after a meal, I usually ended up feeling restless, bored, irritated, lonely, or any combination of those things. Yes, I do continually have items on my to-do list. But ultimately, nothing so urgent that I can’t sit and enjoy the company of friends for a few extra minutes. And I’ve found, over the last few weeks, that I am much less restless, bored, irritated, and lonely.

Thanks Maryke, and Dangyra, and Yfke, and my other relax-and-take-a-sip friends. :)

My lovely friend Maryke
Until next time! Krissy

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