Quirks of ship life: The lines are blurred.

29 December 2012

Quirks of ship life: The lines are blurred.

In my previous life, for the most part, relationships were very ordered and delineated.  I had a circle of people I lived with or near.  I had a circle of church friends. I had a circle of dancing friends. I had a circle of coworkers.  I had bosses and managers and those relationships were different than coworkers.  I had other random social circles, too, but they didn’t interact much. Of course there was some overlap occasionally, but for the most part, these different types of relationships each maintained their own level of distance.  Bosses were distant and respectful. Coworkers, friendly but still a bit impersonal.  Friends in varying circles had varying degrees of relationship.  Close friends and church family were very close and deep.

Here… things are different.  My coworkers ARE my neighbors AND my church members AND my friends AND my bosses….. and it’s weird.  Figuring out how to relate to people can be difficult! As an HR professional, how do I spend all day figuring out problems and dealing with people at my company, and then sit down and have dinner with them, or babysit their children, or hang out and watch the sun set? Or how about when my roommate is having troubles at work -  I am the HR representative for the company she works for, along with a friend and a roommate?  How do you just hang out with your boss or your boss’s wife after work? I can imagine it’s hard for teachers who have to discipline the children of their own managers and leaders!  It’s just a very different community – don’t get me wrong, it’s a community I love!! It’s just taking some getting used to, and I’m still trying to figure out where I really fit in.  Definitely stretching me, these quirks of ship life!

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