A thankful Sunday...

16 December 2012

Today I'm thankful for....

...Freakish ability to make beautiful paper snowflakes while most other forms of craft or art make me break out in a rash.

...All of the technology involved in being able to make a phone call to the US and have it sound like they are sitting in the next room.
...Two different colored eyes.  I used to hate it, but now I think it’s cool. And when people realize it, they usually think it’s cool, too.
...Anonymous donors.  All donors, really. But today, especially the anonymous kind, whose generous and totally unexpected gift has allowed me to buy a new pair of earrings as a special something for myself.   
...The friends who have encouraged me to NOT rush off after a meal but rather to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards. Some really lovely conversations have come out of this time, and it’s left me feeling much more rested and less restless. 
...Meetings with my boss that I leave feeling even more excited and energized about my job, and my future here. 
...Friends who will run with me even if I do run slow!
...Recreational coffee drinks – otherwise known as ‘fluffy coffee’ – or coffee with milk and/or sugar and/or flavorings and/or other additions.  I only drink them on occasion and usually with friends, so they are a special treat.  The coffee I drink in the morning is not recreational, but therapeutic, necessary to sustain life, strong and black.  I’m thankful for that stuff, too.
...The library back room – it’s cold and quiet.  You don’t find either one very often here in Africa.

...The love I have for speaking French – Little did I know back in 9th grade when I was trying to choose between French and Russian that I would come to love it and live in it every single day.

...A a great morning run, even though it included an injury time-out.  Afterwards, headed just downstairs to the hospital to get the rocks removed from my hand by my new friend Laura. Thanks, lovely!
Laura cleaning the rocks and e.coli out of my scraped up hand.  So very thankful for her, and the hospital ship I live in! 
Until next time - Krissy

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