Pass the Lefse...

22 December 2012

Today is the 22nd of December, and the 22nd is my family's big-loud-messy annual get together, where we make Korv (Swedish potato sausage), and eat it, along with various traditional scandinavian side dishes like lefse and a whole smorgasbord of cookies and bars and sweets.

I love love love my life and family here on the Africa Mercy, but my heart is also getting tugged back with longing to the snappy-cold winter night full of laughs and memories. So, to my family there - enjoy it, I'm thinking of you, missing you all, and dreaming of someday being cold again. :)

I've got a few days off, now, and I've decided instead of sit around and do nothing, I'm going to find some work to do. I'm going to help out in the galley and the dining room, wash dishes, or whatever needs to happen.  Those poor galley and dining room workers don't get any time off like the rest of the ship does.  The offices are closed until Thursday, no surgeries, the wards are slowly emptying out thanks to no surgeries, and everything kid of just takes a breather for the next week - except the dining room and galley!

So anyway, enjoy your weekend, Christmas week, and beyond. I'll keep writing as long as I have words to say. :) Much love to all - krissy

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