Deck the halls....

02 December 2012

Yesterday we decked the halls! I can't seem to get my photos to load so all of these are courtesy of the always lovely and faithful picture-taker Suzanne.... Enjoy.  Now it does feel a wee bit more like Christmas, even if it is hot and sunny outside.  Well, not today, it's overcast... but anyway, it looks great and I love the Christmas traditions that have been built here on the ship... I'll write more on those later...
This is Midships (The Town Square), by the cafe and the ship shop...

The dining room - this is where the crew takes the majority of their meals, except families often get food but eat in their cabins.

The gangway even got lights!
This is the Starbucks cafe, from the stairway in a previous photo - with Christmas trees above on deck six in midships.

Love to all, Krissy

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