That one time.

27 February 2014

Remember that one time?

That one time, when a dear friend’s life was fading and a wedding was moved up and flights were purchased and joy was found?

That one time, when the powers that be could have said no but instead they said go.

That one time, when I had a few work projects I wasn’t sure I could leave behind… and then it would actually be better to start a week later,and no problem we’ve got it covered happened, and I could leave without a trace of worry.

That one time, when before the words had even escaped my lips and were but a brief passing thought, how can I afford it? a dear treasured friend volunteered to help with the cost.

That one time, when I wanted to go west, and my route took me north, east, east, north, and south… and I ended up in the west.

 That one time, when I got a window seat and flew in over Olympic Mountains and they were so stunning it brought tears to my eyes?
That one time, when we transformed a hospital chapel into a dream wedding venue, and we could forget for a minute that we were actually in a hospital as we were swept up in the beauty of the rings, the vows, the candles, the love?

That one time, in the words of BJ, where ‘we pulled off a wedding in five days that was better than the one we would have pulled off in six months’?
That one time, when just the right people were available at just the right time and said just the right things to my fragile heart? 

That one time, when all the people I could have seen offered such grace when I said no or didn’t even tell them I was coming?

That one time, when what could have been a gray, dreary, emotional week turned out to be a time filled with laughter, sometimes through tears, but always on the bedrock of hope, love, joy, and peace?
That one time, when 35 hours of travel and 9 time zone changes could have, and probably should have, left me jet-lagged beyond understanding, but not only was it not a big issue it was nearly a non-issue?

Oh, that one time.  These memories that will last into eternity. That one time, when I realized if I didn’t go I would regret it forever, and I won’t do that – I won’t live with regrets.  So I bought a ticket and hopped a plane and will forever be thankful I didn’t let little things like practicality and (perceived) obligation get in the way.

I’m so, so grateful for this time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear ones, who helped make this happen, that offered grace and financial assistance and a bed to sleep in and love to bask in.  I’m headed back all too quickly but just in time, in a few hours I’ll wave goodbye to this place and these people I love and head back to the place and the people I love on the far side of the sea.


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