Ship happens.

09 February 2014

Ship life has its ups and downs, both literally and figuratively; sometimes it's enough to drive you to scream and others to just shrug and say 'ship happens.'

Like when thirty people are watching the Olympics on the satellite feed from South Africa... and they start bunkering (taking on) fuel... and it makes the ship list (tilt), and it causes the satellite feed to fail.  Ship happens.  We all just sat around for a good half hour watching a black screen till Ally went out and adjusted the satellite.

Like when the containers are delayed... and delayed... and delayed some more, and it's too expensive to buy meat in Congo, so we're relegated to eating hot dogs for every single meal.  (this might induce screaming... or at the very least, blood pressure medication)

Like when you're not so keen on seeing one particular person (for whatever reason) and you end up running into them every. single. hour. and when you really miss a certain friend and hope to run in to them, you never. ever. do.

But it's also the beautiful moments; sitting with a friend to have tea, writing notes to bless others, serving coffee and sharing hugs and blessing friends.  It's the joy to be found in the use of a family cabin for even just a few hours, appreciation for air conditioning on another swelteringly hot tropical day, and how just a few well-placed words can change one's outlook on the next week, month, season...

I love this place.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my story, who has helped me to get here, to stay here, and to thrive here.  You are my heroes.


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