03 February 2014

They did it! My team, the Seattle Seahawks, who won their first Super Bowl championship at about 3:30am Congo time.  It was awesome.

Yes, this girl stayed up until 4am.  Pretty incredible for someone who generally can't make it to midnight on New Years Eve. 

KJ the amazing made a cake and decorations, and as the early morning hours went on the Broncos fans slowly made their way to bed... along with the team, apparently, who never woke up. 

Unfortunately since we were watching on a satellite feed out of South Africa (I think?) we didn't get any of the American commercials. But according to my Facebook news feed I guess there was something good about pistachios? Will have to catch them on youtube someday.  Our commercials were for things like rugby and cricket championships.  A significant percentage of Americans probably couldn't tell you what those even are.

Best quote of the night?  From the hilariously fabulous Nick Cash: Breaking: Seattle 43, Arnold Middle School 8. #SB48

Well done, Seattle.  You deserve it, for sure.  Wish I could be there for the homecoming parade!

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