02 February 2014

We have so much to be thankful for, and every so often I put up a list here on the ol' blog. It helps me to remember to find the good in things, to have a thankful heart and a grateful attitude no matter what comes my way.

So today I'm thankful for...

... soy milk in the dining room!

... starting up our Wednesday night small group again.

... opening the café with Dianna on Sunday mornings and the blessed community that gathers there.

...amazing chocolate from a friend.

...great roommates who offer lots of grace. 

...drinking tea with friends. it's such a ship thing.

...Laura, the best roommate ever, wrote this on our door and I loved it. 

...real turkey for sandwiches in the dining room. anytime it's not ham loaf I'm thankful.

... random uses for medical equipment in non-medical situations or environments.

... imessages with Beth.

... tribute blend via packets from starbucks - never tried it before, it's really delicious!

... random treats left on my door.

... random notes left on my door.

... sunshiny day when I have the time and desire to enjoy the sun.

... Clinique happy in bloom, picked up at random in an airport somewhere, and I really, really like it!

... Hannah and I enjoyed waffles #1 and #2 one day before Christmas and it was a lovely break on Friday morning with a lovely friend and I am so grateful for her, and blessing her into her next season as she flies out of here at the end of the week.  You're amazing, Hannah, keep in touch.

 ...The life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.  I read his book over Christmas, amazing.

...see the rainbow?  Love the reminder of God's promises.

... my iphone that was a castoff from my sister has been such a huge blessing and I've dropped it at least a dozen times and it's not broken.  phew!

... a rainy day that makes me feel okay to snuggle up inside with a book.  And the new window art that was a gift from my aunt Kathy and is now hanging in my window. love it.

... that I have a window. 

... the Holland container arrived and in it was gooooooood chocolate! wahoo!

... photos of my family on the wall. 

... every day was a good hair day in the 15% humidity that was Minnesota for Christmas.  Here? not so much....

... when we can agree to disagree and still love each other.

...a Tuesday night excursion with my Wednesday night small group ladies to eat yummy food and watch the sunset on the beach.  this was about the same time as the second polar vortex made it's way through several of our hometowns and we were certainly not sad to be on the beach in the tropics at that time!

... the Olympics start in a few days! I love the Olympics. Running in the Olympic torch relay is on my bucket list. Hopefully we can actually watch some of the events, but if I only can keep up by internet, that's okay too.

... warm showers.  (sometimes they aren't.)

... when I take a shower and the bathroom DOESN'T flood.

... running with Erin.

... special English treat from a special English friend. Percy Pigs are just delightful, I tell you! 

... Kindle connections are working on ships internet again.  They weren't for quite a long time.

... we're going back to Guinea next field service!  Excited to run the loop in the mornings, Riviera church, and trips to the island...

... this ship was flagged out of New Orleans!  You don't see American flagged ships, well, ever.  We're Malta and you see a lot of that, Panama, China... I've never seen an American flagged ship, actually.

... the coffee time (without coffee) with the ever lovely Dianna who pointed out this American flagged ship.

... friends that love me and made me feel very welcomed upon my return from vacation.  Thank you, dear ones.

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