Dolisie Screening Photos

16 February 2014

Photos from the Dolisie Screening... and as usual, Blogger is being difficult so they are in no particular order (no matter how I try to put them in order!)

Screening days are always tough, whether it's the giant one at the beginning of the field service, interior screenings like this one, or the smaller eye/dental screenings that happen twice a week throughout the field service.  The staggering need, the desperation, the hope that is brought behind the eyes of the hundreds or thousands that come is wonderful when we can say yes but heartbreaking for the all-too-often no.  

Ultimately we were able to schedule surgeries for 45 patients after about six hours of screening and a few hundred people.  I'm so grateful to be able to be a part of something that can offer such hope, and it spurs on my heart to wish I could just do more.  I trust God with that desire. 

My job was to handle the media.  At one point there were lots of cameras, and I was happy my French was good enough! 

This little guy was such a sweetheart.  

There's the rainforest, on it's way to the port and then to France or China.

Fantastic team.

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