07 February 2014

It's been a crazy week that caused me to question not only my abilities but my sanity and at one point I actually thought that the whole maintaining of life, like breathing and putting one foot in front of the other, was just a chore.  A long to-do list, running all over town more than once, a trip to Brazzaville, missing home, less-than-stellar food choices due to delayed containers, a friend in need that I can do nothing for, piling up email with deadlines, and wanting to just be alone but yet desperately needing someone... anyone... at the same time.

But yet, somehow, through the weariness, I am also remembering how awesome my small group was, how I hadn't hardly prepared for the speech I gave on Monday and it went super well, the special friend who blessed me by straightening my desk, the dear one who stopped what she was doing to pray for me, the massive piles of work that got accomplished with excellence, and the staggering amount of grace and love I received this week.

And then I finish the week by sitting with about fifty friends to watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics; that awesome event that brings people together all over the world and all through the ship, where we all cheer for each other's home country and especially loud for Malta, under whose flag we sail.
Thankfully, unlike the Super Bowl, the Olympic host city of Sochi is just an hour off our time here in Congo - no late nights needed to watch my favorite winter Olympians!

So happy Friday my friends, and wherever you find yourself this day, seek out the joy in it! 

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