Tour of Teror.

23 June 2013

Today I went with some lovely friends to the little village of Teror (pronounced tare-ORE) which was a most quaint little place.  The trip took about an hour by bus, and on that note, huge kudos to the public transport on this island. It's amazing, and I don't think that's just from an African perspective - I feel safer and it's much easier to get around than probably anywhere else even in the States, and I don't even speak the language.  But I digress... The bus ride redeemed my view of this island - until now, I've said the beaches are nice but the rest of it isn't beautiful. Well, this part was!!  Enjoy living vicariously through me as I take you on the tour....  (Sorry the photo quality isn't great - I have to compress all my photos to be able to load them or it would take a week to get them all up...)

The countryside was beautiful here.  I can only imagine how lovely it must be when it rains - as it's all very dry right now...

The little village square centers around a beautiful Catholic church (to the right).  Sunday morning there's markets set up all around the church.  The inside of the church is beautiful and very ornate. (no photos... I peeked in during mass and didn't think it appropriate to take out the camera!)

Beauty all around.

Lunch! They had this sauce to put on bread (as demonstrated by the ever lovely Paula) that was really good. Might have to try to get some to share when I'm back in the states!  The waiter said, "very Canarian"(meaning, of the Canary Islands)
I had wine and cheese (the two main food groups, right?) and Marsha ordered Fish Tacos. This is what she got. (where's the taco? Never did establish that...)

This place was so cute. This was one of the side streets - fountains going right down it! I climbed up this staircase to see from above...
And this is what I saw. Seriously, it was like we were on a movie set or something. It was so adorable!!

Sigh. I love this.

Little booths were set up around the church - some selling Catholic stuff, plus jewelry, clothes, bags, etc. 

Chimney cake - never heard of it but I think it's like a European version of a funnel cake or something. It was good. (Can't go wrong with fried dough and sugar, can you?)

We sat much of the day at a little café, eating, drinking coffee (that was delicious too) and talking.  By the time we headed out the streets were empty and the market was all packed up!

Just a random street! I love the colors of the buildings here...

Another random street I walked up!  How do you like this tour?
Paula, Me, Penelope, and Marsha took the picture.  Sigh, a beautiful day.

The ride home.

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