Sea voyage.

08 June 2013

Just some photos I took of our departure, sail, and arrival... enjoy!

The dock... empty.

The pool is drained and all the deck chairs are put in it.

The deck is full!

My lifeboat.  They tested it and it works great. 

Our escorts out of the port. (two tugs and a pilot boat)

Goodbye Conakry.
The last thing we do before departing is a fire drill/muster - just to make sure everyone is accounted for. This is my lifeboat muster station!

These crates were on the dock and they remind me of the movie Madagascar - do you think there are animals in them?

How many men does it take to release the mooring lines?

 I love sailing, the open ocean, the color of the water out there... amazing.

I love this view on the bow.


Land!  (Gran Canaria)
Friends at arrival!

The tug that escorted us in!

Our current parking space for the next 6 weeks.

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