17 June 2013

We're definitely in Shipyard.

I often feel as though I should be wearing a hard hat just to walk through Reception. The deafening noise begins around 8, I think, and goes  I'm super grateful for the work they're doing - but wow, it makes my brain hurt a bit! They've completely torn out the walk-in fridges and freezers in the Galley, and so a pretty continuous metallic grinding sound fills your ears pretty much the entire forward section of the ship.  Then down in the hospital they're jackhammering up the flooring to have it replaced - not a quiet process either. A few (bad - ipod camera) photos of the work....

Stuff I don't normally see in the hallways.

The long Hospital corridor... I was wearing flipflops and no hard hat so didn't want to go any further...

the galley - on the left used to be walk-in coolers and freezers.
There are people coming and going every day, lots of shipyard workers and huge bins of construction garbage full on the dock.  The IS guys are working hard to upgrade our TV systems all over the ship, as well as the wireless internet connectivity.  Other random projects are going on here and there, too... So anyway - I'm really thankful for the work they are doing.  But I will also be thankful when they are finished. :)


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