The redemption of time.

28 June 2013

One of the things that happens in this type of organization, where people come and go so often and regularly, is the attitude from burned-out or weary volunteers of “Well, I’m leaving soon, so then it’s someone else’s problem.”  It happens everywhere, I know, I just happened to run into it quite a bit this week.  I’m absolutely the opposite – “I’m leaving soon so I have to get this problem resolved now.” is more like me.    I like clean handovers with bullet points and instructions and the less unknown there is the better. 

This week was crazy, with 14+ hour workdays and me wondering the whole time how on earth I am going to be able to leave on Monday.  Unfinished projects and unanswered questions make me crazy, and I wanted to be able to leave and not think about work during my three weeks away.  When I finally locked my office door at 10:30 on Thursday night I was tired, anxious, emotional, and cross-eyed, and knew I would have to work all this weekend.

This morning I let myself sleep an extra hour, then simply asked God to redeem my time.  I needed to get about twenty hours of work done in eight. That's not a ridiculous prayer, my friends - He's outside of time and it's totally possible!  (I've prayed this prayer many times before when it comes to sleep - as in, God, I need ten hours of sleep and all I have is four. You can do that.) So I asked for redeemed time...  And then guess what? It was! (I find it incredible the amount of times I pray for something and then it happens and I’m surprised.  Sheesh) I got it done, my bullet point handovers sent, and as I left the office at 5pm I felt as though I had been totally released from all anxiety and worry about the issues that are still outstanding. What a relief!

Now my focus turns to my time in the States! I have prep work to do for camp, speaking presentations with pictures for two churches, need to organize my schedule to try to see everyone that I need to see!  I also need to write some handover notes for my replacement as when I get back from vacation I have only three days to train her and then I move into my new position.   All three weeks I am back in the states will be crazy.  I've already started praying that redemption of time prayer for both my sleep and jet lag - because I don't really have time for either one of those things! 

Tomorrow is a whole day blackout here on the ship so I will be heading out of here to an adventure of some kind… Monday the laundry room is closed so Sunday will be laundry day for me, cleaning my cabin and getting myself packed up, and working on the aforementioned projects.  I hope your weekend is fantastic – and I shall see some of you SOON!!


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