Value (and lingering...)

05 January 2013

I love lingering over coffee.

I love how this small act of relaxing (see my post a month or so ago called "relax and take a sip"...) has truly changed me. 

Confession: I have believed for as long as I can remember that my value as a participant in any relationship, whether it be with one person or with a group of people, is entirely determined by what I have to offer that person or that group of people.  So, I continually am trying to find ways to offer value to a relationship, because if I don't... well, then, why on earth would the relationship continue?

God wants you, and I, to know - you have value, and bring value to relationship, just by being you.  Just by breathing oxygen and sharing life together, you are bringing value. You don't have to be, do, or offer anything else.

The simple act of just lingering over coffee, with no agenda, nothing to offer, no reason or greater purpose other than sharing life together, has filled my heart with so much joy.  I've realized that people actually like me and want to spend time with me, even if I am not offering them something that I might view as valuable. In embracing who I was created to be and simply offering that heart to others, I'm also offering them the same - I don't expect anyone to offer me anything either, beyond their presence.

The beauty of being in the presence of real, true, honest, genuine women is absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you, my lingering friends. I'm eternally grateful.


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  1. Love the metaphor of lingering over coffee with God. All He ever wants is our attention anyway. <3


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