Order to Chaos

09 January 2013


This has been by far the most chaotic, crazy, busy week I've had since arriving at the ship. 

And seriously... incredible.

I've always said I love bringing order to chaos.  I realized this week that I also love bringing calm, and joy, to chaos. 

This week has included some very sudden changes on the ship, lots of meetings, some new training, planning for the future, jumping into another job where there was a critical need for a good percentage of my working hours, and even a brush with police and what was a potentially dicey situation getting resolved by me just simply not freaking out and staying calm. 

I've had some incredible conversations with crew about their future with Mercy and how we can grow them as a crewmember and we've both left excited.  I've had to break very bad news to someone and got to pray with her in the aftermath of emotion.  I've gotten to both hire and fire day workers. I've made some new friends and cemented some deep relationships that I know will last forever.  I've planned a getaway, written some new processes, hunted down alot of signatures, and experienced a deep and resounding joy throughout every minute.

And, my friends, it's only Wednesday.

This.... this is what I was created for. 

Thank you, my family, friends, donors, supporters, and anyone else whose helped me get here.  I feel like I've finally found my footing here, figured out exactly where I belong, what I've been called to do.  Thank you for allowing me to search for - and find - my life to the full.

Photo: A young patient onboard the Africa Mercy shows off his new sunglasses while recuperating in the fresh air on Deck 7. Click ‘Like’ if this photo made you smile today!


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