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12 January 2013

Good Morning.

Wow, what a week. 

The entire week was beautiful chaos.  And at the end of it, when I finally logged out and signed off and embraced the calm the weekend would bring, I realized that instead of what could have been dread, dissappointment, or stress, what I felt was excitement, hope, and joy. 

I am indeed in the right place.

We're changing over our HR management system from a program written about a hundred years ago to a program that will bring us into the 21st century. Finally.  Only a few years late. :)  But anyway, it's a huge big deal.  This week is the transition week, where we 'shut down' our old system to give it time to sync with the new system. (Sorry my techie friends, that's as good as it gets.)  It's exciting, it should eventually help us to limit the amount of trees we are killing by the massive amounts of paper we still push around, but transitions are never as easy as we hope they will be. 

Random note: This week we've decided our new tagline for HR is this: Mercy Ships... Saving lives... Killing trees. 


Anyway, I digress. So anyway, this week was transition week, and next week we'll get the new system. What acutally makes it crazier is that we really have very little idea of how it's actually going to work!  We've had some training and know what the new interface will look like, but none of that training has actually included any of the processes we have and use here on the ship. So it will be interesting...

On Monday afternoon I got whiplashed by two huge issues that happened within fifteen minutes of each other, and was faced with having to try to deal with two crisis situations vying for my attention. Both have calmed down and one even turned into a non-issue, but at the time, it was pretty intense. 

So for the rest of the week I was juggling about fifteen balls up in the air and trying not to drop any of them - and I loved it.  This is where my strengths come to the surface. When I'm under the most pressure is when I'm the most 'on' - calm, decisive, encouraging, excited to be a part of it all. 

Other randomness from the week:

Monday night I was driving back from the airport and followed another car into what turned out to be a not-well-marked one-way street.  Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by police demanding I turn off the car and hand over my papers.  I respectfully informed them I had no intention of doing either one of those things which made them even angrier.  Thank God I can speak French and know that as agressive as they can seem, I know that they aren't going to shoot me or start any real dangerous action.  But I can see how non-French speaking, non-African experienced people could find themselves panicking.  Anyway, it ended up okay, but did raise the blood pressure a bit.  And now I know what roads to avoid....

Know how a month or two ago I wrote about missing depth in relationship, how transition here had been harder than anticipated, etc?  Well, God has answered that prayer in a huge way. I've been invited to join a most incredible small group of women who share this desire and beautifully echo the cries of my heart for depth in relationship and sisters in this journey.  I'm so incredibly grateful for them - and I've already felt a huge difference in my capacity to reach out and befriend all the new crewmembers I can. It's amazing and I'm so very grateful for them.

I got mail! Friday I got two amazingly awesome surprise Christmas presents that were such a huge blessing and joy to receive.  Thanks Mom and Nana for sending me some love and joy :)

Also, one last thing. I need to update my email lists so if you think you were once on my email list, or you'd like to be on my email list, or anything in between, please click on the link to the right to receive my monthly newsletter.  I won't be sending out any more mass emails except to those who have signed up via that link.  So, please do that if you would like to get emails from me. :)

Thanks friends - happy Saturday! Krissy

Oh, one REALLY last thing. GO SEAHAWKS!!!

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