Good Morning, 2013

01 January 2013

I should take that back. When I started writing this blog it was still morning. Now it's afternoon. But still morning in the US where most of my readers are. So - Good Morning, Sunshine! Happy 2013!!

I did not make it to midnight last night. Confession: I didn't even try.  As I have gotten older, the luster of the midnight parties has waned a bit, and reality is, I'm a sleeper.  I'm a horrible, crabby, headachy person when I don't get enough sleep or my sleep patterns are disrupted. Trust me, it's better for everyone involved if I don't stay up. 

Apparently Conakry had some fireworks.  That just inspires fear in me, honestly. I mean, you know how much regulation there is in the fireworks industry in the States, and how many injuries/deaths occur each year because of fireworks?  Now imagine a land (Guinea) with no regulatory control over fireworks.  Thus the fear.

But anyway, my crewmates tell me they were nice.  Well, awesome. I'm not a huge fireworks fan in the first place.  Kind of a waste of money, if you ask me. (though you didn't... I'll tell you anyway. that's how I roll.. and it's my blog.)  I mean, cities in the US pay thousands and thousands of dollars, to see some shiny things for a few minutes.  Seems silly, no?  Well, it does to me. But hey, if you like it, go for it!  No judgement from me. I just don't like them myself.

There was food and dancing here last night, too.  I probably would have enjoyed the dancing, but I'm kind of foodie'd out.  They feed us very well here on the ship, especially through the holidays, with lots of sweets and richness... enjoyable, but I'm kind of over it. 

I chose to go to bed and get up this morning to welcome the new year with a run.  Last year at this time I was NOT a runner, nor did I ever think that I would ever become a runner!  Thanks, 2012, for stirring that up in me. Now I look forward to my morning runs.  My running friends are very dear to me and we have lovely conversations, funny and serious, as we're pounding the pavement (and the sand, and garbage, and dirt, and whatever else we run through.)  So anyway, I thought, what an excellent way to welcome the new year. It was lovely. 

Speaking of running, once I left the US I really thought my racing days were over. It was a great season, but I couldn't imagine training while living in Africa.  It's hot here, my friends, and two and three hour training runs aren't real practical. However, after thinking about it and chatting about it with some of my new running friends, I'll admit I'm considering it.  Half marathon training, for sure...I mean, I've already done a couple of those... and maybe.... MAYBE... marathon training. There are some pretty epic marathons in Africa, how awesome would it be to run one in a year or so?  Well, I'm thinking about it.  I'm also thinking that perhaps my enthusiasm is partially due to the cooling Harmattan season here (mid-70s at running time in the morning).  Once we move into hot season I may become significantly less enthused. 

We shall see.

In other news, our current crew is less than 200 onboard.  It's quiet, the meal lines are short, and the laundry room is empty.  This week we have a good 75 or so people coming in!  Saturday's Brussels Airlines flight alone has over 50.  Some are returning from vacation but the majority are new short-term crew.  It'll be a very different place here on board next week. 

Happy New Year!!  Welcome, 2013. I'm excited to see how this year unfolds. Thanks to all my followers, blog readers, donors, family, friends... you're my heros. Hugs to all - Krissy

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