The season of running... and the Disneyland Half!

05 September 2012

Last weekend I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon! 

It was a totally epic experience, one I have been looking forward to and training for months. And it was awesome! Huge thank you to my friends and family and my employment at Disney that made it all possible. (just want to be clear that no funds raised for Mercy Ships were used!) I'm so glad I did it - definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I will never regret (Remember, you'll never regret shared adventure with friends!)

I'm kind of sad, though, because it effectively closed the book on this season of running. I don't know when/if I'll run another race! I've loved this season: I started running in February, when I could only do one minute of running at a time; ran my first race (5k) in May; and now I've finished ten races including two half marathons since then. It's forced me to find balance in training, the food I eat (or don't), working out, time management, I've made awesome friends along the way, and I've found I'm just a much nicer person to be around when I've run. :) So thanks to everyone who was a part of this season, encouraging me, running with me, cheering me on, or kicking my behind in gear. I'm so grateful.

Emma and I at the staging area (4am)

Run by 17,000 people, it was by far and away the biggest race I've ever participated in. We started in corrals based on anticipated pace every 5-10 minutes. Emma and I were in corral E.
Finally getting to the start line! (approximately 6:10 am)

It didn't actually take us 36 minutes to run a mile - that's the gun time. We didn't cross the start line until about 25 minutes after the gun!

The first three miles were through the parks, and there were characters all along the way, people stopping for pictures, etc. 

Running through Sleeping Beauty's castle.

After we left the park we ran several miles through the streets of Anehiem, with the sunrise blinding us.

Approximately mile 9 we got to run through Angels Stadium - this was SO awesome!

Running into the tunnel on to the field

When we got to the field there was a roar of people yelling and cheering, the stands by where we entered were filled! There was an announcer and our photos on the jumbotron and everything. Very cool and epic. And wonderful encouragement at mile 9.

Finally!  It was a glorious race.

Those finishers medals are legit. Huge. Heavy. Pure awesome.

All my race bib numbers.  Closing the book on this season of running!  (sniff, sniff)



  1. so you ran a half marathon with a camera in tow? thats extra hardcore. Congrats Krissy! Will it not be possible to run once you go to the ship?

  2. Sure did! :) I will try to keep running once I get to the ship, but the logistics and safety involved with that might make it difficult. I just don't know at this point!


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