14 September 2012


I guess now that I live in Texas I should start speaking like them.

I made it! A teary goodbye in Seattle led to some awesome people watching - a random lady literally dropped a few feet in front of me, did twenty pushups, and then promptly pulled an ACCORDION out of her carryon bag and started serenading us all in the B concourse.  It takes all kinds, I guess.

After an uneventful flight to Houston, I ended up running a LOOONNNNG way to my transfer gate only to find out my flight was delayed by two hours. Awesome. So I found some food and enjoyed the people watching in Houston.  Finally made it to the IOC (International Operations Center - learn this, I will use it often and quit identifying it soon) around 11 and settled into my dorm room. I'm sharing a room with a Dutch outpatient nurse and a South African OR nurse. It's awesome! There was also a Latvian dentist on my flight in to Tyler. I love this life.

So training actually starts tomorrow morning, with most others arriving sometime this afternoon.  I'm glad I gave my self the extra day to settle in, get my bearings, meet people, and explore.

I don't have anything else to report at this time, so I'll just say THANK YOU again to everyone for your support and encouragement! 

Peace, Krissy

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