Cowboy Church - Yee Haw!

16 September 2012

This morning all 12 of us here for Gateway went to Crossbrands Cowboy Church in Tyler. I've never seen so many cowboy hats and heard so much twang in a church service before. They signaled the time for everyone to sit down by blowing a train whistle. There were seriously huge belt buckles and a LOT of bling, and just about everyone wore cowboy boots.  The baptistry was a huge horse watering trough! Awesome. And strangely bizzarre at the same time. (We're not in Seattle anymore!)
I'll add some more pictures once I get them from others.

Coffee is served in plastic buckets with a spout on it.

After the service was over, there was a rodeo-type "playday" where we watched kids ride around on horses. It was fun, but surprisingly, very cold! The rain was pouring down outside and none of us were dressed warmly enough!
Me, Dan (Lithuania), Nicole (USA), and Krystal (Canada)

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