Photo catch up - Minnesota time!

06 September 2012

I was born and raised in Minnesota and made it back there twice this summer! The first trip was spent at the place where all of my most happy childhood memories took place - the lake! My family has a lake cabin in central Minnesota where we went every summer. It's been years since I got to be there, so it was wonderful. My second trip I got up to my hometown, Duluth, then to the lake, then back to Minneapolis for a few days where we hit the Minnesota State Fair (2nd largest in the nation... the crowds rivaled those at Disneyland!) Here are some of the highlights/photos from both of those trips!

Feeding the loon babies right off the dock

Taking Kate (BFF Meg's oldest) on the jetski. Told her it was like a motorcycle on water. She loved it!!

Stunning sunsets on Lake Hubert.

Kate enjoying the last bites of the Fudge Puppy (see below)

Fudge Puppy.  Belgian waffle, rolled, on a stick, dipped in fudge with whipped cream and sprinkles. Oh, yes I did.

This is where I got to run, in Duluth, along the lakewalk. Gorgeous.

Me with BFF Meg's newest addition, Hannah! 

In other news... 7 days until departure!!! I'm busy busy busy, checking things off the to-do list, getting everything ready to go, and saying goodbye to zillions of people. It's nuts, but oh so great. I'm so excited!!

Peace! K

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