Not much to report...

26 September 2012

So sorry if you were holding your breath to find out about the East Texas State Fair.... it was.... well... let's just say it didn't come anywhere near any of our expectations for a fair.  It was very small and there weren't any cowboys that we were able to find.  Very disappointing.

So, to redeem the day, we all went to the mall in Tyler for a bit and then out to pizza for dinner.  Delish.  However, I totally failed in the picture-taking department. Sorry.

This week has been long days of sitting in the classroom, and while the material is great and I'm learning alot, it is definitely tedious to sit all day long. I've taken to standing in the back of the classroom for much of the afternoon. 

Not much to report!

Oh, if you think of it, please pray for calm in Guinea.  If you read the news last weekend there were some riots between ethnic groups in Conakry, and while there's not really any threat to the ship or our work there, it's frustrating for the crew to not be able to travel safely away from the ship. 

Until next time! Peace, Krissy

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