The first few days...

11 August 2013

Welcome to Congo! It's been a fabulous couple of days...

When the captain finally announced shore leave on Friday evening, it was a pretty steady stream of people heading down the gangway.

My home!!

Lamin trying to match the vehicle plates to the correct vehicles... a big puzzle.

This is how they unload the Landrovers these days - drive them into a container and bring the container down!

Three friends and I went for a wander on Saturday afternoon.  I had been out in the morning on my first run - oh, it felt so good to run after two weeks at sea!

I took this photo because of a movie reference. Can anyone name the movie??

Note to my family - this is why I specifically said no heels on any new shoes... this is what we walk through. Sidewalks only exist in the nicest parts of town.  My feet were Africa-nasty, as they should be!  Aah, nice to be here.  Except for the sand fleas.

A bad picture of all the two weeks worth of accumulated garbage from the sail.  312 people sailing = a lot of garbage!

Shawarma and drinks with these lovelies - a fabulous Saturday evening.

So there's an update on the first few days on solid ground.  Today I've been getting some work done to be completely ready for tomorrow- when the insanity starts! Tomorrow our 215 day crew will come onboard for orientation and I am managing 5 this year, so trying to get their schedules ready, etc.  Also, this week we get handover from the Advance team of all the work they've been doing here in Congo for the last few months to get everyone ready... more on that in another post. For now, I'll be really busy from here on out, I love my job (so far) and I'm so so so excited about what's ahead for us here in the Congo!

A Bientot - Krissy

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