On Solid Ground.

09 August 2013

After thirteen days at sea, the Africa Mercy is securely docked in the port of Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo. 
I watched the arrival and ceremony on deck 8 among 300 close friends. It's exciting to be in a new country!

Mercy Ships founder and president Don Stephens and his wife Deyon were there to greet us.  Very special. 

There were several important people in attendance in the arrival ceremony, a band, a lot of speeches... and a lot of crew really excited to see land. 

My feet are happily back in flipflops where they rightfully belong.
SO, as you can see, it's been a good day. But beyond the fact that we're not rocking back and forth and I can walk in a straight line; that I no longer fear rolling out of bed and I can put my stuff back on shelves instead of in bags on the floor; that we'll get to throw out the garbage that's piled up and start to use real plates and silverware again... All that is exciting, yes, but there's more.  There's something wonderful about seeing the container ships and port buildings and cranes and dark faces and African print dresses and the smells and sounds of the busy port and the familiar French words making their way back across my tongue... not only is the ship safely docked, but my heart is singing, alive, excited, full and so content to be back here, on solid ground, where I belong.  Africa, I love you.

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  1. Very excited to be there in 20 days! Thank you for paving the way for so many.


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