A Family Photo.

27 August 2013

So much to write and so little time. 

Allow me to introduce you to my family:

Pretty good lookin' group, eh?  Love these people.

Tomorrow is screening day. My job?  Giving tours of the site to VIP's and helping corral the media.  Awesome.  And as it's possible I'll help out with patient escort or medical translation or something else.  My French skillz (dc that's for you) will be stretched once again, and it'll be a long day... I've only read others' reports of past screening days, I've never experienced it myself, but I know it will be just as difficult to say no to those we can't help as it is awesome to say yes to those we can. Please be in prayer for the day. I'm so honored to get to be a part of this!!

In other news, this job certainly keeps me on my toes, getting things set up for all our education projects this year, among other things. On Sunday night a friend and I presented to the crew the current state of healthcare in Congo and then how we're coming alongside them in capacity building and partnerships.  Oh, and the founder/president, managing director, and several members of the international board were sitting right in the front row.  No pressure. (sheesh).  But really, it went super well. I'm ever so grateful God has granted me an ability to communicate pretty well in front of anyone, and the feedback I've received has been wonderful.  Again... so honored I get to do this! 

Got to meet Dana Perino this morning, she's here this week and will be writing about her experiences on her blog - check it out www.danaperino.com.  

Okay, that's all for today. Please keep us in mind and heart as we are anticipating thousands of people at screening tomorrow.  We'll have security personnel and nurses on site all night long.  It's such an honor to be here and do this. Huge thanks to my supporters who help make this happen!

Until  next time - Krissy

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