Crossing the Line.

04 August 2013

Sometime tomorrow we will cross the Equator at the Prime Meridian - that point on the globe that is latitude 0 degrees and longitude 0 degrees.  Apparently its a big deal - read the Wikipedia info here.

Here on the Africa Mercy we participate in much more PG rated (and safe) ceremonies to commemorate crossing the line. We do the limbo, a tug of war, and line dancing. (see all the references to lines?) Then tomorrow, since when we cross that point everything then goes backwards and upside down, we're encouraged to wear our clothing that way.  Silly, yes, but fun; I love this community and the joy we get out of each other and being silly together.

Once you cross this line you carry the title of Emerald Shellback, or Royal Diamond Shellback.  If you cross the equator in a ship but not at the prime meridian, you're a Shellback.  If you cross the equator at the international date line, (much more common in the mariner's world) you're a Golden Shellback.  So really, it's quite an honor that we are receiving that we get to cross the ocean at that very point.  Something that wasn't ever on my bucket list before but I'm glad to do it. 

As I write that I think, how completely weird is this life I lead! 

And I love it.

This weekend has been lovely. Sometime a few days ago it's like someone flipped a switch and I suddenly found my sea legs; I haven't felt the least bit nauseous for several days.  It's really brought back the joy in sailing; the joy in allowing myself to rest, enjoy the sun, watch for dolphins, catch up with friends, and prepare my desk, team, heart, mind, and focus on this new season we're entering in the Congo.  Just a few days left until we arrive!

In other news, if you're interested in sending me goodies for Christmas, they have to arrive at the IOC to be shipped on the container by September 1.  Click on the 'mail' tab above to find out more and the address and such.  Packages are very expensive for me to receive in crew mail, so please, if you can, send things via the container!

One final note - we're on 60 minutes TONIGHT, Sunday, August 4th!  Tune in!

Love from the Atlantic - Krissy

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