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27 April 2013

Hi and Happy Saturday!

Lots going on here!!

Monday I went out with the dental team to their screening site and clinic - it was a great day!  I have alot more to write about that, but want to save it for it's own post, and am trying to hunt down some photos to better illustrate the day.  So... stay tuned for that over the next few weeks.

Tuesday and Wednesday ended up to be really busy work days for me - it's like all of the sudden the emails and paperwork got really overwhelming and I just needed to get on top of it all.  I wasn't really behind, it just felt that way. Quite convenient, actually, as late on Wednesday night I was presented with an opportunity to go upcountry next week - which I was actually able to say YES to, but wouldn't have been able to had I not put in the long hours the previous two days!  Cheers.  So then again yesterday I put in an exceptionally long day, with my last email going out about 9:30, but I hit 'send' with the confidence of knowing everything is completely under control, my coworkers are adequately prepared with the potential issues they will face in my absence, and I can leave with confidence.  Wahoo!

SO an upcountry trip! I'm really excited. The current Hospital Projects Manager, (Oscar, whom I am replacing this summer, who is also an awesome guy) and the Anesthesia Supervisor (and dear friend, Michelle) need to head to some upcountry hospitals to evaluate how effective some of our training programs were earlier in the year.  Wednesday night it came to my attention that they needed a translator, and I happen to speak French pretty well, along with having plenty of experience navigating and surviving in the bush, outside of the comforts of the ship.  So I talked with my boss, who is amazing, and encouraged me to go! Wahooo - SO, tomorrow morning we leave early, driving inland for two full days to visit  two hospitals way upcountry - after my return I'll give more details but for safety sake, I'll leave the details vague for now.  Not to scare anyone, I have no reason to feel unsafe! SO anyway, we'll be gone until probably Friday afternoon... dependent on how Africa treats us :) It is sure to be an adventure. I am not entirely sure where we will be staying or what we will be eating, those details are not mine to sweat, all I need to do bend my brain with lots of French/English translations and a sweet adventure with friends.

I'm bringing my camera and a journal to record what is sure to be a trip full of hilarity and cultural lessons - little things that make me say 'oh, Africa...." and I will share them when I get back.  In the meantime, please pray for safety, no problems with the vehicle (we'll be in a Land Rover), and good health throughout the trip!
Love to all - Krissy

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