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11 May 2013

Two weeks?!? Two weeks since my last update. Sorry folks. Life is crazy.

So the upcountry trip was FANTASTIC.  And I took tons of pictures.  And now I can't get my SD card reader in my computer to work.  :( So I can't post any of them.  Lame.  I'll keep trying...

But really, it was great. Why? The people I went with are wonderful. We've all lived in the 'bush' in third world countries, so a bucket shower and dust and heat and no bathrooms was just no problem. There were long days in the car, but we traded off driving, and Michelle was a great coach in helping me get more comfortable driving on terrible roads.  We stayed in hotels that were fine for what we needed - occassional power, bucket showers, and a decently clean mattress without too many bugs. :)

We were following up with our VVF surgeon trainees who came to the ship earlier in the year. It was an honor for them that we went to see their hospitals.  We toured them and asked questions about what they had learned and how they have applied it to their programs. I could write pages on this but won't - suffice it to say it was exciting to see that they actually had learned new things and were applying them to their hospitals!  It's certainly encouraging when you know the work you are doing isn't in vain. :)

We made good time and were able to see all three hospitals and get back to the ship by Friday afternoon.

Then last weekend we went out to Kassa Island again overnight.  I have amazing friends and am amazingly blessed. It was lovely.

This last week was busy, I spent part of Wednesday in the OR and Friday was a ship holiday.  The introvert in me was crying out for solitude, it had been awhile, so for the holiday I hid in my cave and read, slept, etc.  Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with a a doctor from Congo who is here visiting to get an idea of what we will be bringing to them - it was great to talk through some of what we will be offering in terms of projects and training there, and my French is a huge blessing!

SO, that's the quick overview of some of what I've been upto. I hope to figure out a way to get my photos loaded and have some more stories of the trip but will leave it at that for now.  I'm plugging away in HR, trying to keep my focus on NOW and not just on CONGO and my job transfer!  One more week of surgeries, the hospital closes a week later, then a week of packing up and we're sailing outta here!! Certainly is an exciting season here on the Africa Mercy!

Love - Krissy

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