26 May 2013

Our engineers and deck crew are amazing. 

This week finds us transitioning from a hospital that happens to be on a ship to a ship that happens to hold a hospital.

The deck and engineering crews are always working hard, but it's just more visible right now. Yesterday, in order to repair something important, we had to have a blackout. No power, no water, no internet, no air conditioning, nothing. I was actually dreading the time; I'd heard how fast this tin box heats up, and with no windows that open and no fans working, it can get really uncomfortable very quickly. 

As it turns out, I loved it! It was eerily quiet. You don't even realize how much white noise is constantly filling your ears until there isn't any! Most of the crew went out to the Riviera pool or out to the islands, so the regular people noises were less, too.  My cabin stayed comfortably cool the entire time and it was just really nice to be forced to rest!

I just feel a sense of excitement now that we've finally said goodbye to our day workers and patients, today is the big exodus of crew (I think there are like ten or eleven cars full of people heading to the airport). I still feel a bit of sadness about those things, but the excitement of the sail and the summer is keeping my spirits up. 

AND my lovely friend Becky is going to come visit me while the ship is in Las Palmas!  So that's super fun to look forward to :) Thanks Beck!

Okay. I guess I don't have much else to blather on about right now. Love to all - K

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