19 May 2013

There is just so much to be thankful for...

... My niece, Bridget Evelyn Sollom, was the best Mothers Day gift my twin sister, Karin, could have asked for! Four days early, 7lbs, healthy, and all are well. I can't wait to meet her in a few months!

... peanut butter on bananas.

... Surgeries in Guinea are finished, and we didn't lose a single patient this year! (we don't lose a lot, as we don't do most high-risk surgeries, but the last several field services we've lost one... something to be VERY thankful for in Guinea!)

... My French is better than I tend to give myself credit for.

... Rain!  Rainy season has begun, and it's amazing to watch the storms roll in. It hasn't rained since November. Love it. (photo credit to Stephanie B)

... my insurance premiums are dropping this year! It's like a raise of $30 a month! Cheers!!!

... the awesome people I get to work with this summer at kids camp in WA.  Y'all are amazing to include me from 5000 miles away. I'm honored and grateful.

... Amazing sunsets. (photo credit to Stephanie B)

... I don't have to move cabins!!!  I am so, so, so very blessed with incredible cabin mates that I love living with.  It's just a huge relief, and giant blessing, that I don't have to move.

... Imported oranges in the dining room.

... "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" ~Dr. Seuss

... an amazingly sweet treat from an amazingly sweet friend left on my door the last ship holiday. Seriously, how did I get to be so blessed? Incredible people in my life. Incredible.  Thank you, friend.

... the best Sunday morning - a good run, a good shower, lingering over a good breakfast with coffee and conversation with amazing people. 

... Awesome patient encounters that renew my faith in humanity.

...Christina. I'm just so thankful she's here and I'm going to miss her when I have to say goodbye in a few weeks... she's amazing.

...Soy milk is back in the Dining Room!! Yay!!

... Our neighbors for the last 24 hours - a French naval ship. I love what we see here. (Photo credit to Stephanie B)

...that my cabin's air conditioning works REALLY well... it's downright cold. AND thankful the hot water has been repaired, the showers are downright HOT! So awesome.

... Dr. Gary, Dr. Michelle, Allison, and various other amazing hospital staff that patiently answered my questions while I was visiting the OR. 

... my boss who is amazing. I'm gonna miss working for him.  Not to say my new boss won't be amazing, it'll just be different! I'm so grateful for the time I've had in HR and all that I have learned from Nick...

...the fact that the words 'wingeing' and 'torch' and 'trainers' are a regular part of my vocabulary. (thanks to my lovely British friends)...  I love living in international community. It seems almost every day we have some conversation about word usage or differences in meaning. Love.

...A sweet surprise from some of my Ukranian deckies - Ukranian chocolate!  Also, Dennis brought some Lithuanian chocolate for us... that stuff is seriously heavenly.
... that on the upcountry trip I was seriously lacking sleep but wasn't really tired. so awesome.
... my donors. I'll never stop being so grateful to you all who sacrificially give to allow me to be here.
... My running friends who put up with my slowness ever since malaria. Eventually I'll be able to keep up, I promise.
...the fact that I could seriously go on and on about everything I'm thankful for right now... and this list is by no means finished, or does it even scratch the surface...

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This was encouraging, inspiring and just plain blessed me!


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