An Embarrassment of Riches.

20 April 2013

Tonight I ate dinner up on deck 8 with a circle of some of the most amazing women one could ever hope to be blessed to get to do life with.  The food was delicious and the conversation lovely; laughter rang out several times as we recounted our days and encouraged each other and spoke life and watched the birds dancing in the wind and the boats zipping back and forth around us.  As the brilliantly red sun descended to the horizon and the coolness of the evening breezes kissed our cheeks, a few of our circle wandered away for tea. Three of us stayed behind and settled more deeply into our chairs, relishing the depth of conversation and the sharing of hearts and the joy it is to be known and understood.  Eventually when the sky was black and the stars were twinkling, one friend and I continued the conversation into the dining room over tea and then even further as we wandered down the hallways back to my room. 


Friendship is such a gift. If you have one good friend, you have a treasure, that’s for sure… But many good friends? That’s what one friend of mine calls an embarrassment of riches. It’s amazing, really; I, along with all of my friends, rely entirely on the generosity of others to provide for our financial needs.  I have very little in terms of material possessions and savings accounts, but what I do have is so much more fulfilling and life-giving than any of those things ever were to me.  I am so rich, and so grateful.


Tonight was simple; it was honest, it was open, it was funny, it was endearing, and it was entirely life-giving.  It was tea and conversation.  It wasn’t fancy or expensive, it wasn’t even really planned… it just happened, and it was beautiful. 


I guess I’m not sure why I’m rambling on about how wonderful such a simple evening was.  Maybe because I just recognize and am grateful for the fact that this is life to the full; in relationships, in the embarrassment of riches, in the depth of being known and doing life together and embracing the joy that can be found in simplicity.


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