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18 April 2013

Since several other bloggers have shown me what some might call 'link love' - (linking my blog up at their blog - this is how many of my readers have ended up here, so welcome!) I thought today I would return the favor, as there's some really good stuff out there!  Check out these stories from other Mercy Ships family members!

stressed out. or not.
I love reading Ali's blog and this particular piece illustrates really well how some thing just need to be improvised when working in West Africa.

Do Guinea Pigs come from Guinea? and Other Pressing Questions
The ever lovely Catherine on My Life Aquatic explains why there are so many places called 'Guinea' in the world, and a bit more on this particular one we call home at the moment.

Dr Seuss and the Fizzy Mango: A bedtime story from Africa
A fabulous poem written by three nurses and entirely based on factual experiences. Check it out and giggle.

Old Enough for a Nose
I always look forward to Laura's blog posts, she beautifully describes what we do from her point of view as a nurse on the wards.  Keep on reading that one, or at least make sure to visit A Different Normal and One More.

Cash Crew
I love this family and Dianna's stories of doing life on a ship, especially the fact that she Loves the Laundry Room.

The Problem with Red.
This piece was written a few months ago by the fabulous Susan Parker and I love how it illustrates some of our cross-cultural questions and issues as we face them here.

Happy reading!


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