The Rundown....

06 April 2013

Okay, so here's the rundown on everything that's been happening....

**Christina arrived!  Poor thing is still pretty jet lagged, but got here in one piece and is slowly adjusting to life on a ship. I am sure she will have some interesting insights into what it's like here! 

It's been interesting when people ask where she's from, or if she's from the same hometown as me... and to be able to say, actually, we come from the same HOUSE... the same BEDROOM. :) (Her family home is my 'permanent address' and where I was living last year for the few months I was in the States!)

And she brought me chocolate. I did not know that Cadbury Mini Eggs (little drops of heaven) were available in DARK CHOCOLATE... oh my drool.  I need more of these in my life. Click the 'mail' tab on the top of this page to find out how to send me some. :)

**I'm feeling better!  After sleeping for about five days straight, I'm feeling human again.  Phew. I'd rather not repeat that experience again.

**There's less than two months left here in Guinea!  My brain is almost entirely in Congo, actually.  In HR, so much of our time is spent three to six months in the future - so staffing for Congo, housing for Congo, finding the right people for the right positions for Congo.  I'm also spending just a few hours a week learning some of the ropes of the hospital so when I transition into my new job in July as Hospital Projects Manager I'll be able to actually have an idea of how it all works... for Congo.  We're talking about training plans for Congo.  We're thinking about what the beaches will be like in Congo. (well, I am!) So sometimes I just need to remind myself, and actually Christina is helping me do that alot, that we're still actually in Guinea and there are still people here who need our help, care, time, love, and the hope we offer.

**Summer plans!  I'll be coming back to the states for a very short three weeks in July. If you've known me for any length of time you know how I feel about camp, kids camp, the kids camp my church does, etc, and they've asked me (and I've jumped at the opportunity!) to help out in a leadership role with them this summer!  SO that will be one of my three weeks in the states. For the remaining two weeks, one will be spent in the Seattle area and one will be spent in Minnesota.... SO my friends in either of those locations, if you want to see me, I guarantee I want to see you, but it will be BUSY so please let me know when/where you will be and how we can make it happen.  Seattle is the first week of July and Minnesota is the 3rd week!  I'd love to speak at your small group/church/club/get together/fundraising extravaganza, too, so shoot me an email.

**I love this place!  I've been here for five months now, and it seems every day I'm reminded in some way or another of how honored I am to call this place home and these people my people.  As I'm thinking about this new job, I'm amazed at how my history suddenly makes sense. I worked at Microsoft for nearly five years, followed by two and a half years in the Peace Corps. That's wierd, my friends, and I know it.  Who does that? Two completely opposite experiences. However, I couldn't be doing what I'm doing without BOTH of those experiences, together.  Suddenly, looking back, I understand some of the why of my journey. And I'm so grateful.


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