Catching up.

05 August 2014

Non-stop: a great description of what the last few weeks have felt like.

Tomorrow I head back to my ship home, exactly ten weeks from the day I walked down the gangway for the last time in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo. 

Congo seems like a lifetime ago.

In the last ten weeks I’ve slept in 22 different beds.  Take out the first four weeks, which only had two, means twenty beds in six weeks.   And I’ve been travelling with a carryon-sized bag only.  It’s been a huge mish-mash of schooling, touring, and working – exhausting yet exhilarating, a transient season that has been both strategically beneficial as well as just really good fun.

And I’ve been so incredibly, abundantly, radically blessed by the generosity of others.  I’ve only actually had to pay money for just a handful of those 22 different beds.  To the amazing friends (and strangers) who have offered beds, transportation, meals, showers, coffee, entrance to tourist attractions, and everything else I’ve been blessed with this season – thank you.   It’s been an incredible summer.
And now it’s time to unpack my carryon, settle back into a routine, and reunite with the community I love so dearly.  I can’t wait.  And this next season is really exciting, for so many reasons… to be written about in a different post on another day. For now, here are a few photos of the last few weeks of travels.


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