The Ends of the Earth.

17 July 2014

Last week I was so far north in Sweden the sun never set.  It was warmer there than it is here, in Uganda, where I am nearly sitting on the equator.

I’ve been extremely blessed to be able to travel to the ends of the earth; I’ve seen and experienced a vast array of cultures and landscapes and cities and deserts and mountains.  No one will argue with me when I say that northern Sweden and southwestern Uganda are very different, and yet… beauty.
Sweden was one of the most naturally and geographically beautiful places I’ve ever been.  In Uganda it’s not quite so obvious, but it is there. It’s in the smiles, it’s in the sunrise, it’s in the giant storks that stand as sentinels in the trees surrounding our compound, in the fluttering of drying laundry in the breeze, and in the hearts of those who seek to bring hope and healing to the sick and injured. 
It is such an honor to get to do this.

A few photos from the end of my time in Sweden. 
Sunset behind the bridge in Gothenburg
Gothenburg from the moat that surrounds the old city
The dahla horse factory
Where we stopped on the drive up to stick our feet in the Baltic Sea
At the end of the earth in north Sweden
This place was just stunning.

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